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For the love of it

Curried Salmon

Oven-baked fish and vegetables with a flavored olive oil and butter mix - a delicious meal served in half an hour »

Lemony Meatballs

As an ingredient to minced meat, lemons seem unusual to us at first. But once you have tasted these little treats you will make them again and again »

A 90s Curry

There is nothing spectacular or outstanding about it. But maybe the simplicity makes it something soothing and comforting »

Fish Gratin

Torskgratin, a recipe from Norway - one of my favorite winter dishes with fish! »


My buddy insisted that I once baked a salad and he would like to have that dish again, because it was delicious »

Buckwheat Berry Muffins

Nutty taste of a buckwheat-hazelnut mix and all the colorful berries the summer still has to offer »

Easy Leek Soup

Cook some potato cubes in a lightly salted fond-water-wine mixture, add a lot of leek and enjoy this easy leek soup »

Summer Tomatoes

This summer spoils us with ripe and aromatic tomatoes in all varieties »

Lunch Break

The same sandwich every day or not so great food in the cafeteria? Here is a better idea for your well deserved happy desk lunch: »